Feb 06, 2013
Paul Keeley Brings You Fragments
Paul Keeley - Going For Broke (Original Mix) [Morrison]
Paul Keeley - Rain Slick (Original Mix) [Morrison]
Paul Keeley - Tandem Breathing (Original Mix) [Morrison]

If you’re looking for a diverse look into the world of deep progressive, then Paul Keeley’s got you covered with a collection of gems that possess a timeless feel. After a substantial hiatus in the scene, Paul has returned with not just a few new tunes, but an entire album of the sound he has built since his first rendering. Released on Morrison Recordings, the album titled Fragmented contains 12 tracks that each possess a unique flavor.

Going For Broke features Paul’s signature claps soaked in reverb, a distinct element that has always separated his tracks from the rest. Rain Slick is a downtempo track with a silky groove that evokes a melancholic and appealing sentiment to hold you tight. Tandem Breathing is a beautiful track that starts with a slow build and mixes in poignant plucks and bells. At just under 12 minutes, this piece is an album highlight, which really captures Paul’s sound that we have grown to love. If you have been waiting as long as I have for an album of this caliber, you can head on over to Beatport and pick this up.

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