Jan 08, 2014
patten Offers Cryptic, Pulsing ‘Drift’

Experimental electronic artist patten conjures up an immersive multimedia experience for the debut of Drift, the lead single from the enigmatic musician’s next record ESTOILE NAIANT.

Accompanying the cryptic, densely layered Drift video is a series of links, presumably meant to shed light on patten’s inspiration for the tune. Included is a Japanese report about TV stimulation, this painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, a Scientific American article about consciousness, this photo of a Balinese candi bentar split gate (pictured above), the Wikipedia entry on ‘rebus,’ an article on ‘culturomics,’ and this video of physicist Richard Feynmann.

Have you cracked the code yet? If not, don’t fret–you’ve got until Feb. 25 to make sense of it all, when ESTOILE NAIANT is released on Warp. Preorder now on iTunes.

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