Mar 17, 2014
Pat Lok Gives Mjolnir’s ‘Just A Boy’ A Makeover
Mjolnir - Just A Boy (Pat Lok Remix) [Continental]

Vancouver producer Pat Lok is giving away a smooth and sexy remix of Just A Boy from Indonesia’s own Mjolnir.

Fortunately for Lok, Mjolnir’s original mix of Just A Boy is absolutely dripping with what the group identifies as “FunkadelicDisco,” meaning that he doesn’t have to work too hard to get the job done. Lok dials back a good deal of upbeat disco energy, favoring instead a patient, syncopated bassline that grounds the ethereal synths on the Earthly plane while the track simultaneously shoots for the stars through its transcendent vocal lines.

As with all Pat Lok mixes, his take on Just A Boy is available as a free download in exchange for some love on Facebook. The track comes from Mjolnir’s Just A Boy remix pack, out today via Continental Records, which also features remixes from Castletics, Mannequine and more.

Check out the video for Mjolnir’s original mix below:

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