Apr 30, 2014
Passion Pit Brightens Up SomeKindaWonderful’s ‘Reverse’
SomeKindaWonderful - Reverse (Passion Pit Remix)

Ohio trio SomeKindaWonderful have been making some serious noise over the airwaves with their 2014 breakout single Reverse. With radio stations across the country spinning the band’s single on repeat, who better to take on a remix of the track than Passion Pit?

According to SomeKindaWonderful frontman Jordy Towers, Reverse follows a true story of infidelity that ultimately leads to a breakup. The catch: the song is told entirely in reverse. Towers said the idea behind the song was originally inspired by Nas’ Rewind and the film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, both of which are told in reverse.

Passion Pit replaces the overall melancholia of SomeKindaWonderful’s original recording with an infectiously groovy dance beat and, well, basically turns it into a Passion Pit track. The band unleashes their signature synth riffs and high-pitched modulation to turn a brokenhearted breakup track into a pulsing piece of dance-ready positivity.

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