Sep 25, 2010
Pass Me Some Stones
Muzzaik - Fat Patchy (Belocca & Soneec Dark Dub) [Leaders of the New School]
Anthony Acid feat Method Man - Hit And Throw (Muzzaik Remix) [Nervous]

Muzzaik is a group formed in 2002 composed of DJ/producers Danny L and Sullivan. These two Hungarians have been pushing the envelope on house music, continuously expanding their repertoire into previously unexplored territory. Their tracks have gained the support of house greats Erick Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, and the Swedish House Mafia, to name a few. Also of note is their victory for “DJ/Producer of the Year of Hungary 2008.” Now let’s see just how they have earned such a prestigious title.

Hit And Throw, originally by Anthony Acid and featuring Method Man, was already a deep house hit before Muzzaik got ahold of it. But damn, after a little remixing, this track has become an absolute tech/minimal banger of epic proportions. Sporting a fairly fast-paced get-down beat and some very well-placed Method Man vocal samples, this track has everything you need to get a whole room of strangers to become very good friends. I’m a particularly big fan of the long steady buildup beginning at 3:30. With a few vocal samples providing us with some energy we continue on toward the journey toward 4:33 where we have a very serious break-down drop phrase before landing into complete vibrational perfection once again.

I’m also going to include a remix of their recent track, Fat Patchy, which is totally danceable and quite enjoyable. Oddly, there’s another long steady buildup from 3:30 to about 4:33. Check it out if you don’t believe me, lol. Either way, both tracks are great even if they are structurally similar.

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