Nov 17, 2013
Party Time With Gold Panda
Gold Panda - Reprise (Party Time Remix)

In a break from your typical Sunday listening, I bring you London-based electronic producer Gold Panda (pictured above), creator and conveyor of blissful beats. Reprise, off his second full-length album Half Of Where You Live, is a soothing and highly emotional tune, and it just got the remix treatment from a mysterious LA production duo known as Party Time.

Despite what their name would suggest, this is far from a track you would play during party time. Starting with the elongated intro, which eschews previously-existing hi-hats for a wistful sampling of kids at play, you know you’ve got something special. By the halfway mark the addition of bass and house vibes have launched the song into dance territory, but it remains mysterious, nostalgic, and altogether too enticing to resist. It is a soft and relaxed tune to be enjoyed with the closest of companions, for it offers a quiet and warm escape from the banalities of modern life.

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