Dec 27, 2010
Party, Sex, and Lemonade
Lazerdisk Party Sex - Lemonade Is Still Popular

Lazerdisk Party Sex, or LDPS for short, is made up of two Vermont natives by the names of Pres, who is wearing the neck-tie, and ZJ, who is sporting the bow-tie. The two joined forces in early 2010,and have quickly developed a strong core following. They perform in stormtrooper helmets, which is just plain awesome, but one also wonders if this will create any copyright issues in the future.

They may be hipsters and/or geeks, but one thing is for certain: they certainly know how to bring it. LDPS’s Lemonade Is Still Popular is pure sweetness. The kicks, snares, and melody are all balanced well to create a catchy tune that just sticks in your head. The beginning and end of the track certainly bang, however there is this period in the middle of the track that seems to be a bit on the dull side, but it’s nothing a remix won’t solve. All that aside, I think we have found an EDM gem. Hopefully this track is a small taste of what is to come for future LDPS works.

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