Jul 29, 2012
Party Night Slugs Style
Bok Bok - Silo Pass (Vjuan Allure Remix) [Night Slugs]
Bok Bok - Charisma Theme (Bok's Own Remix) [Night Slugs]
Bok Bok - Look (Helix Remix) [Night Slugs]

Night Slugs are on fire. This time it’s label head Bok Bok’s (pictured) Southside EP given the remix treatment, four tracks of rough London rhythms reworked to staggering effect by some of the most talented producers in the game. Along with Butterz and rapidly rising sister label Fade To Mind, Night Slugs is rightly regarded as one of the best sources of the raw grime and garage-inflected energy that has defined the UK party scene for the last few years, yet this latest five track release is significant for more than just the brilliant music on offer.

Spyro and Night Slugs co-founder L-Vis 1990 have their ways with Silo Pass and Reminder respectively, keeping the vibes firmly in party territory with plenty of unrelenting drum salvos and corrugated synths. Vjuan Allure’s own rewiring of Silo Pass outstrips them both in terms of furious dynamism, ripping the track down to its foundations and hammering the point home with vigour that clearly marks him out as a producer cut from the same cloth as NYC ballroom standout MikeQ.

Next up is Bok Bok making an appearance on his own remix EP, adding a real sense of menace to Charisma Theme, flush with vintage grime atmospherics and impossibly taut, penetrative drums. The best is most certainly saved until last however, as Helix transforms Look into a crushing ten-minute techno behemoth, yet one studded with enough broken beats and rave ambition to mark it out as Night Slugs through and through.

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