Jul 05, 2012
Particles Of Bliss
Ryan Davis - Head In The Clouds (Original Mix) [Traum]
Ryan Davis - When The Rain Drops Soft (Original Mix) [Traum]
Ryan Davis - The Field (Original Mix) [Traum]

For the past year and a half I’ve been constantly impressed with the few EPs released by German producer Ryan Davis. Known for his gentle expression through minimal house, I knew that this guy wasn’t just going to compile eleven random tracks for an album–instead, he has given us something distinctly crafted and incredibly respectable.

Particles Of Bliss showcases the range of not only what Davis produces, but what he listens to as well. Head In The Clouds might not be my favorite track on the release but it definitely stood out to me the most. Best described as an electric ballad, this tune grabs two bipolar concepts–that which is organic and that of the future–and jams them into a minute and fifty seconds. The fact that it can be both fresh and gripping without being in-your-face and abrasive speaks wonders in today’s soundscape. As for my favorite on the album, I’ve gotta give it to When The Rain Drops Soft. “Delicate but sophisticated” is what I’ve come to expect from Mr. Davis, but this song takes those quintessential elements to another level. The Field is a clear demonstration of Ryan changing it up, bobbing his head in a bassier, more lo-fi direction. If you need a tune to keep the party going at 4am, look no further.

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