Nov 06, 2013
Paper-thin MIDI Controllers With Graphene Tech

Electronic music producers could, in the not-so-distant future, be able to design their own instruments, print them out at home, and carry them along with an arsenal of other paper-thin devices in something as small as a briefcase.

Harnessing the technology of graphene-based ink, the Cambridge Innovation and Knowledge Centre is experimenting with one-atom-thick electrically conductive structures, allowing for keyboards, pads, and anything electronic, really, to be engineered paper-thin.

Researchers have been successful creating keyboards using this approach, like the one seen in the video above. Graphene has a number of other interesting properties as well, including extreme flexibility and optical transparency, allowing for a paper-thin LCD-type display, enabling the resulting devices to have basic readouts as well.

Now, obviously this little miracle product has other applications, like medicine and logistics, for instance, but who cares!? Paper-thin MIDI controllers… wohoo! Learn more about graphene and what the CIKC is doing with the amazing material here.

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