Jun 28, 2011
Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk (OVERWERK Remix)

Listening to Overwerk makes me think of what rising electro god Porter Robinson said in our recent interview with him: “In an environment where there are a lot of producers and DJs competing for interest, listeners can be more discerning and everyone has to work harder on their music.” Besides taking an inspirational cue from his wicked electro hooks, this up-and-coming Canadian producer embodies that very quality Porter speaks about–the polish it takes to rise to the top.

First of all, remixing Wolfgang Gartner is a feat in itself–the man’s tracks are so complete in every dimension that it seems impossible to add onto them without taking them in an entirely different direction. Well, Overwerk went ahead and did it, remixing Space Junk into an electro stomper complete with a minor-key breakdown. He even throws in samples from Daft Punk and Skrillex to add to Wolfgang’s huge appeal. Expect to hear this one all summer.

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