Oct 23, 2013
OVERWERK: Destined To ‘Conquer’
OVERWERK - Conquer (Original Mix)

Rising Canadian electro star OVERWERK dropped another multi-layered, live-wire of an e-house jam on fans today for free, titled Conquer, and with compositional abilities like this guy has, conquer is exactly the correct word.

OVERWERK’s productions are diverse and luscious, much like a bowl of fruit–each inclusion is delicious in its own right while remaining unique, but together, they sum to much more than a simple pile of palatable pieces. Conquer is no different. Begin with a solid base of bass-heavy percussion, line with sawtooth synth, sprinkle with sparkling arpeggios, and viola. Give it to the neighbors as a sorry-you-had-to-listen-to-OVERWERK-so-loud apology gift basket!

Pick it up for free here.

OVERWERK conquer free download

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