Jul 13, 2014
Get In The Moment With Orla Feeney
Orla Feeney feat. Deidre Mclaughlin - This Moment (Original Mix) [Vandit]
Orla Feeney feat. Deidre Mclaughlin - This Moment (Genix Remix) [Vandit]

Ireland is always ready to fly the flag for uplifting trance, with the likes of John O’Callaghan, Bryan Kearney and Sneijder keeping the more energetic side of the genre well and truly alight. Rising above her fellow countrymen is Orla Feeney, who has set a new benchmark for uplifting anthems with This Moment, her latest release on Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit.

With fellow Irish musician Deirdre Mclaughlin on vocals, This Moment is uplifting trance as it should be. With massive supersaw riffs, soaring builds and enormous drops, it’s got huge doses of trance circa 1999 about it but is still bang up to date. Along with her compatriots, Orla is flying the flag for uplifting and euphoric trance, showing it’s still possible to kick out an absolute belter.

This Moment is out now on Vandit and also features a more progressive remix from Genix.

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