Feb 25, 2012
Organic Beats
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (Original Mix) [Smalltown Supersound]
Todd Terje - Myggsommer (Original Mix) [Smalltown Supersound]
Todd Terje - Swing Star (Parts 1 & 2) [Smalltown Supersound]

Out of Norway comes Todd Terje, a man whose music alone proves his brilliance and badassness all in one. His latest release, It’s The Arps, contains a total of three tracks, one of which comes in two parts. Together they manage to cover some of the most unexplored crevices of modern EDM while still offering some of the friendliest, head-bopping beats I’ve heard. So, without further ado, please hop on into the music.

The release opens up with Inspector Norse, the most popular track on the release, and it’s clear why. This tune puts the fun in “funky,” offering just under seven minutes of purely delightful dance music that manages to stay fresh and leave you wanting more. It’s clear that this man is able to speak through his music–and what a poet he is. The second song on the release is Myggsommer immediately takes you into the mindset of a nocturnal musician, pairing a rather chill, outdoorsy beat with some classic sci-fi samples. Last up is Swing Star, another incredibly unique track that juxtaposes night and day in its two parts, giving us an incredibly bright and kinetic first movement led by scaling arpeggiations only to promptly cross over into a darker, yet still uplifting second movement.

This guy has an amazing discography, so if you dig the tunes on this post, check out some of his older tunes like Glittertind or his remix remix of Bjorn Tsorke’s Langt Fra Afrika.

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