Oct 22, 2014
Orbital Officially Breaks Up

Before brother duo Guy and Howard Lawrence (Disclosure), there was Orbital–the pioneering electronic duo made up of brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll. After reuniting in 2009, the influential dance outfit has announced that it has consciously uncoupled for good.

Orbital decided to turn out the lights on their famous headlamps following a lengthy and successful career that saw the brothers release eight full-length albums over 25 years. Orbital officially announced their split in a press release, with Paul Hartnoll noting that the breakup was amiable and that it was simply time to stop because “nothing lasts forever.”

We’ve had our ups and downs, and it’s not always been easy, but I’ve loved my time with Orbital. It’s been brilliant that we’ve been able to take our music to so many places, from local clubs to headlining Glastonbury to playing massive events across America, Australia, Japan…It’s been fantastic.

Orbital’s 1994 headlining performance at Glastonbury brought the duo superstar status and helped pave the way for other electronic artists to book headlining spots at major festivals. Electronic music fans now have countless EDM festivals to choose from, proving that Orbital’s influence on the state of modern music can be matched by few others. Although the Hartnoll brothers won’t be performing together, both Paul and Phil are pursuing their current solo projects. Paul will be working on a new project entitled 8:58, while Phil will continue his career as a solo DJ.

Check out a video of Orbital’s iconic performance at Glastonbury 1994 below. Keep up with Paul Hartnoll’s 8:58 project here, and Phil Hartnoll’s solo career here.

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