Mar 31, 2014
Opiuo Stays Bouncy On ‘Meraki’
Opiuo - Snorkle (Original Mix) [Slurp]
Opiuo - Quack Fat (Original Mix) [Slurp]
Opiuo feat. Beats Antique - Chubby Putty (Original Mix) [Slurp]

The description of Opiuo’s latest album, Meraki, ends with a simple phrase: “long live the good times.” Opiuo’s countless followers will already know how perfectly this encapsulates his aesthetic. But for the uninitiated, Meraki is a great introduction.

Admittedly, his mission to get listeners losing control of their limbs to syrupy, bouncy glitch hop has been so single-minded over the past five years that any one of his albums could be an appropriate introduction. Meraki, however, has the added benefit of being jam-packed with guest stars, so you get a stronger sense of some of his influences. Beats Antique add some acoustic textures on Chubby Putty, Spoonbill smashes the quirkiest and slinkiest sounds of the album into close confines on Ladies, and Gift of Gab finds a natural groove to rap over on Life, exposing Opiuo as the Tipper of urban living.

Some of the other sounds on the album suggest he’s also enlisted the help of a live drummer (It Was), a duck (Quack Fat), and an army of malfunctioning cyborgs (every other track)–or maybe these sounds just come from his impressive production prowess. You can decide for yourself by snagging Meraki on Opiuo’s Bandcamp.

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