Jul 26, 2012
Onova Gets Nuanced
Onova - Nuance (Original Mix) [Ncore]
Onova - Richter (Original Mix) [Ncore]

Swedish artist Onova has had remixes and singles scattered all over the trance world, on established labels ranging from Monster Tunes to Armada Music, but he’s made a daring move this time by launching his own label, Ncore Records, and marking its debut with his latest double A-side EP, Nuance / Richter.

Through a slowly escalating buildup of tension and layers that speak to a background in uplifting and tech trance, Nuance delivers a really well-rounded production. The break hits a truly peaceful lull that evokes ambient influences, then catapults itself straight into a huge lead melody that doesn’t let up until the end of the track. You see this link here that says 3:15? Click it. Now. Then listen all the way through. On the flip side, Richter is a typical “fast-paced” track that pales in comparison to Nuance—it’s not shabby, but Nuance sets the bar so high that you’d expect more from the second track on the EP. Still, it hearkens back to an early-2000s trance nostalgia trip, and adds some variety to this release. Kicking off your own label is a way to make a statement, and Nuance / Richter shows that Onova intends to live up to it.

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