Sep 30, 2011
Online Poker
MING & 2Beeps - The Nutz (Original Mix) [Hood Famous]

The nuts (noun): The absolute best possible hand in any given hand of poker. The unbeatable, unbreakable hand.

Everyone wants the nuts. From ladies to world series poker players, everyone, even hungry children, want the nuts if, say, they were chocolate coated–and these nuts might as well be chocolate coated. Ming and 2Beeps really do have the winning hand with this electro house thrasher. Coming off the success of his last banger, Get Fuct, Ming teams up with 2Beeps to put together a track that could likely overclock your computer, the aptly titled The Nutz.

Ming’s and 2Beeps’ beats, chopped up and versatile like…well… assorted nuts, give this release its characteristic feel. Artfully mixed together with bassy electro house drops, this song sounds like the music that your XBox or PS3 would make if it could DJ (and had an input for Redbull). In the end, what we’re left with is a taste of a sound I hope to hear more of in the future. Bump it!

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