Sep 07, 2010
One With The Elements
Arsen Ramirez - Live Element (Original Mix) [Bashka]

Is it just me or is a lot of really damn good electronic music coming out of Eastern Europe right now? The west, namely the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, have largely dominated the electronic dance music scene for quite some time seemingly unchallenged. However, recently I had the pleasure of stumbling across this young and talented Russian named Arsen Ramirez who’s signed onto the indie label Bashka Records. This DJ/producer is pretty new considering his first release was on May 21st of this year, which explains why there’s so little about him on the web.

So what’s this rookie got that’s so special? Crank up your speakers and check out his debut track Live Element. This tune starts out rather simple but then it hooks you in with a thorough bassline sure to get you moving. Although it seems rather homegrown, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it makes this track all the more fresh and unique. The crowning focal point of Live Element are its phenomenal breakdowns. They’re quite special, with a wide variety of epic pads and emotive pianos flowing together in absolute harmony. For those few who experience synesthesia, this track is a wild and genuinely beautiful trip.

As someone who loves trance-y progressive house as much as me, Arsen Ramirez has blown me away with his stimulating beats and top-tier production quality. If he continues to pump out more tracks like Live Element, he’s going to have one helluva career ahead of him for sure.

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