Aug 09, 2011
One Way Ticket To…
Amtrac - Came Along
Amtrac - Fear
Treasure Fingers - It's Love (Amtrac Remix)

Fresh out of Miami comes a young producer named Amtrac. With a fly sound that falls somewhere between nu-disco and electro (although other significant influences are apparent), and an album slated to release early this fall, it seems like Amtrac may have a golden ticket to success. The LP’s first single, Came Along, uniquely captures male vocals with an original perspective without overpowering the rest of the tune’s creative drive. It’s a short tune, so be sure you hear the instrumental(ish) breakdown at the end of the track!

I also have for you another original track titled Fear, which employs a dark and techy, yet somewhat uplifting beat to lead into a sick drop that uses a fascinating change of rhythm push the song’s energy up one more notch. Amtrac has also remixed It’s Love by the very danceable Treasure Fingers. This track has a stronger disco feel, but the use of new-age electro bass allows the track to feel fresh and modern, which for a disco-influenced track can mean wonders! Keep an eye out for Amtrac; he’ll be touring here in the states and overseas surrounding his upcoming album.

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