May 09, 2011
One-Way Flight to Cape Town
Leon Bolier - Cape Town (Original Mix) [Streamlined]

It’s been a while since we talked about Leon Bolier on LessThan3, and perhaps undeservedly so. The highly skilled Dutch trance producer has been on the radars of everyone from W&W to Armin himself in the past couple of years because of his melodically intricate musical motifs that he “tricks out” into humongous tech tracks. Now we have a new release from him that I have been hearing on many new live sets and podcasts: the massive Cape Town.

Simply put, if this is what Cape Town sounds like, book me a one-way flight to South Africa. A forceful initial rhythm dies down into Bolier’s signature rapid, chiming note movements, ending up in a grinding drop that cuts straight into the body of the listener. Just try to imagine the audiovisual experience that could be worked into this track in a live set. This is the perfect song for that. My one minor issue with Cape Town is it takes a while for the new musical ideas to really kick into gear which downplays the energy just a bit in places, but regardless, this is one hell of a track.

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