May 11, 2012
One Two Three…
Laidback Luke feat Chuckie feat Martin Solveig - 1234 (Original Mix) [Mixmash]

Laidback Luke (pictured), Chuckie and Martin Solveig are all well-established producers, each successful in their own right. For one reason or another these three monsters decided to come together, each adding some influence on a new LBL original titled 1234 (official video below). I’m always a bit more nervous than excited for collaborations like this as they often promise much but often deliver a subpar product. Not this time–these big names seem just big enough to come together and create something balls-to-the-wall awesome.

I was initially confused as to why 1234 was a LBL track featuring Chuckie and Martin Solveig rather than a straight collaboration amongst the three, but as soon as I hit play the answer became apparent. The beat and general sound of the tune are straight up Laidback Luke with a secondary amount of influence from the other producers. This bass anthem stands as one of Laidback Luke’s best in the past year or so. I’m usually turned off by that cheesy “house music airhorn” that you hear at raves or going into a drop of a track, but these producers use the tool delightfully well in this tune, bending it in ways I haven’t heard before. Kudos, fellas.

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