Sep 19, 2012
One Scratch To Rule Them All
Wickaman & Hoodlum & Mavrik - One Scratch (Original Mix) [ProgRAM]
Wickaman & RV - Sound Clash (Original Mix) [ProgRAM]

With over twenty years of material released through RAM Records, Andy C and the rest of the RAM crew have finally decided to launch a sister label to one of the biggest imprints in EDM. ProgRAM will be the name of the new label, and at first glance, it’s easy to see that ProgRAM has much in common with the original RAM record label. Not only does ProgRAM share part of its name with the original label, but it will also feature the same high-quality dnb found on RAM. Showcasing veteran and and new producers alike, the “forward-thinking” label is already earning a following thanks to recent release One Scratch by producers Wickaman, Hoodlum, and Mavrik.

The One Scratch / Sound Clash EP is the second release on ProgRAM, and it’s been getting massive airplay on the BBC radio waves. The EP features seasoned dnb producer Wickaman teaming with frequent collaborators RV and Mavrik, as well as fledgling producer Hoodlum. Up first on the EP is One Scratch–a tune built from the sub-frequencies up. One Scratch’s agitated bottom-end jumps from octave to octave, oscillating rapidly while the supple pads and vocal phrases impart the tune with moments of tranquility. Sound Clash sees Wickaman and co-producer RV deliver a similar maddening bassline as One Scratch, nuanced with atmospheric effects and dub overtones. Both tracks are solid bass salvos, giving Ram’s new sister label a jolting kick-start.

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