Oct 25, 2010
One Day In Paradise
Molella feat Alessia D'Andrea - Paradise (Molella & Jerma Extended Mix) [TIME]
Molella feat Alessia D'Andrea - Paradise (Molella & Jerma Club Mix) [TIME]

Molella has been on the scene for a while, but recent releases such as Paradise and collaborations with the M2O compilation have put this Italian beat-maker on the fast track to success. Molella produces a unique disco house sound which is probably best explained through the speakers–have a listen and you’ll get the picture.

Alessia D’Andrea (pictured) gets credit for the vocals here; the tinge of soul mixed with powerful falsetto blends perfectly with Molella’s track. You would think the two were made for each other. Add into the mix a spicy club remix, and the versatility of Molella’s sound and Alessia’s vocals jump out.

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