Sep 18, 2012
Once Upon Two Moments
ReOrder & Miroslav Vrlik - Once Upon A Moment (Miroslav Vrlik Uplifting Mix) [Silent Shore]
ReOrder & Miroslav Vrlik - Once Upon A Moment (ReOrder Deep Mix) [Silent Shore]

When two separate artists come together for a production, their styles either mesh well or they clash and muddle around. In this double release by ReOrder (pictured) & Miroslav Vrlik on Silent Shore Records, come up with a pretty clever way of totally avoiding that potential issue; Once Upon A Moment has no “original mix” to speak of, but ReOrder delivers a “deep mix” while Miroslav Vrlik covers the “uplifting mix.”

The uplifting mix of Once Upon A Moment is dotted with airy synths, but a fast bassline keeps the track grounded. Meanwhile, the deep mix isn’t so much deep as it is just a bit less uplifting than the other mix. Instead of the pianos that flit around the uplifting mix, the deep mix is carried by vocal samples which add an interesting layer to the track’s dynamics. The overall result is the stronger mix of the release; though Miroslav Vrlik’s uplifting contribution is a decent showing, it stays close to the mold of traditional uplifters, while ReOrder’s mix holds your attention with a gentle build of dynamics that he uses to really bring the break to life.

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