Jul 28, 2012
On Holiday In Utrecht
Maurice Lekkerkerker - Utrecht (Original Mix) [Fenology]
Maurice Lekkerkerker - Utrecht (Extravagance SL Prog Mix) [Fenology]

Just as the Dutch city of Utrecht sometimes gets overlooked in favor of better-known locales like Amsterdam, Maurice Lekkerkerker seems to have been flying far under the radar with his talent. Who is this Dutch producer with the recursive last name? The Internet seems to know little more than I do. Utrecht is actually his second release coming from Woody van Eyden’s (of van Eyden vs. M.O.R.P.H. fame) personal label Fenology—his first was an even more elusive double-header called Refractions/Back Home—but it’s a solid piece of trance that’s just intriguing enough to make one wonder why we haven’t heard more.

The original mix of Utrecht proceeds with a slow build of tension that sustains the energy level evenly throughout the main body of the track. The fairly routine-sounding strings and arps in the break and lead melody are offset by some interestingly subtle rhythms in the backing synths. Slightly less enigmatic German duo and fellow Fenology artists Extravagance SL provide a big room prog remix on this release, with a snappy bassline and a bouncier take on the original track. Clearly, Fenology has some hidden gems; Maurice Lek(ker)^3 has potential, to be sure.

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