Dec 02, 2013
Omnia Chills Out With Everything By Electricity
Omnia feat. Everything By Electricity - Bones (Original Mix) [Armind]

Ukrainian prodigy Omnia has already set the trance scene alight with The Fusion, The Light, and Immersion. Always providing a fine balance between uplifting and progressive trance, his latest release provides something somewhat different. This time, he’s teamed up with London-based trio Everything By Electricity for Bones, a vocal track that is slightly more laid-back than his previous work.

After an initial electro-sounding intro, Bones quickly drops into a chilled vocal break. This is the essence of the track, and it’s what makes it stand out from Omnia’s previous efforts. Building into a big, stompy prog house-style section, the energy doesn’t last for long, as once again, there’s a long vocal section with some wonderful ambient soundscapes. Musically, this is a much less clubby track than Omnia’s previous work, but that’s what makes it stand out, thanks no doubt to the contribution of Everything By Electricity.

Bones is an unusual combination of club track production and traditional songwriting, a juxtaposition which is always welcome when it’s done as flawlessly as it is here. Grab your copy here.

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