Jan 08, 2014
Dan Ghenancia’s ‘Ometeo’ EP Marks Number 11 For Apollonia
Dan Ghenacia - Ometeo (Original Mix) [Apollonia]
Dan Ghenacia - Ometeo (Dyed Soundorom Remix) [Apollonia]

At the start of a new year, we like to reflect on the good, the bad, and the great new findings that have come into our life. So let us look back on the meteoric life of Apollonia music, because there is no denying that the Parisian-born imprint is out to mark their territory on the future of sexy, sophisticated house music. Common creative ways and love for all things house brought Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, and Shonky together, bringing to our ears the sounds of Apollonia. The seductive, punching basslines and hush vocals of The Minneapolis Touch and Close To The Edge made our ears ring in 2013, and before the close of the year, sir Ghenacia hit us with the label’s 11th crown jewel. If Dan Ghenacia’s Ometeo EP is a reflection of what’s to come from Apollonia in 2014, then it’s sounding like a promising year for the French label.

Ometeo is a subtle-yet-sassy groove with an un-bashful bassline and echoing effects that make you think “house music with attitude”. On remix duty is Dyed Soundorom, whose live performances are built for shock value, having you ask yourself “did he really just do that!?”. He takes a laid-back track and turns it into a lush gem built to enliven the dancefloor. A familiar kick, warm synths, and polished, tempered vocals prove Apollonia as a driving force for the future of house music.

The Ometeo EP is currently only available on Vinyl, but keep your eyes and ears out for the official digital release on Lola.