Nov 25, 2013
Om Unit’s ‘The Road’ Video Makes Me Want To Buy Nikes

This could be the most bad-ass Nike campaign in the world. Either that, or the shoe company owes Om Unit some serious dough. Off his debut album Threads on Civil Music, The Road gets a dreary East London video starring lyricist Charlie Dark, who speaks metaphorically about the streets. I’ve posted the full lyrics below, so you too can bask in the epicness. Dark also runs Run Dem Crew, a community-based running club in London affiliated with Nike.

The Road Lyrics (courtesy of YouTube user Sandi Bitloo)

The road is unaware of the numbers in your postcode
Doesn’t care what you’ve achieved, seen, or done
Next in line,
Heir to throne,
Or the nation’s favourite son.
The road will not come to you in visions in the darkness,
Or send messages from above,
There’ll be no warning of the journey on the road that lies ahead
Or alarm calls to summon you from the depths of your bed.
Angels will not fall with dreams cradled in their wings
Choirs will not assemble,
Or mass serenade,
Or sing.
When the road comes calling
It will find you when alone
Planets will not align
To lead you to the zone
Of contemplative thinking
Where you talk and do nothing more.
The road does not keep tally
The streets do not keep scores
Prizes won’t be awarded
Medals won’t be won
Call me darkness the lord of lights
First born, Jemima’s son
Now residing in the east
Subject of the city
I’m the prophet of the beast

Who knows that “who dares wins” is a motto, nothing less
Carpe Diem
Size the day
Count the minutes
Use one less.
The road is selfish and the road can be hard
The road can be long
The road can be far
The road will mean struggle
The road will leave scars
The road requires wisdom
The road requires truth
The road will never care about the fire in the booth

You can pause where you want
But you’ll never raise the roof
Until you take time to contemplate
The seriousness of the truth
How can you appreciate happiness
If you know not what sadness is.
‘Bout the beauty of the moment
In the preludes to a kiss
The anticipation of thought
Between conception and truth
My lips are loose 

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