Sep 11, 2013
Om Unit Debuts On Metalheadz
Om Unit - Sleepwalkers (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]
Om Unit - Grey Skies Over Chicago (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]
Om Unit - The Hand (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]

It’s been three years since former turntablist and hip-hop producer Jim Coles transitioned from the sample-based realm to the landscape of electronic synthesis. For years, the Londoner cut his teeth on the sample-based, boom-bap rhythms of hip-hop as 2tall, eventually moving into the digital space of electronic music back in 2010. Known amongst his contemporaries as Om Unit, Coles has made quite a reputation for himself amongst the electronica circles, producing several Chicago footwork-inspired gems under his alias, Phillip D Kick. Now, the eclectic producer is back with another high-quality EP, this time on the iconic label Metalheadz, marking his first D&B production to date.

Om Unit’s new EP features three tracks that are brimming with high-octane breaks and neck-snapping rhythms. Cemented in groove, the EP kicks off with Sleepwalkers–a tune littered with rolling ghost snares and a percussive bassline. A haunting pad and eerie sample round out the arrangement, imbuing the tune with a dark and mysterious aesthetic. For a dizzying exploration of rhythmic cadence, have a listen to the pummeling percussion found in Grey Skies Over Chicago. Perhaps an ode to the producer’s interest in the Chicago footwork scene, this tune’s relentless kick drum pounds away on top of filter-choked Reese bassline, making for a neck-satisfying experience. For a chopped-up, 2-step workout, jump ahead to the tune called The Hand where Om Unit delivers segments of the Amen break on top of reverberant atmospherics. All three tunes on this EP are must-haves and can purchased right here on Beatport.

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