Nov 27, 2015
Oliver Heldens Showcases New Talent On New Heldeep Label
Niko the Kid - Slip Away (Original Mix) [Heldeep]
Jonas Aden & Robby East - Fall Under Skies (Original Mix) [Heldeep]
Bojac - Hookah (Original Mix) [Heldeep]
Death Ray Shake - I Can't Stop (Original Mix) [Heldeep]

Oliver Heldens’ (pictured) Heldeep label’s four-track Heldeep Talent Part 1 EP introduces hard-breaking and euphoric house influences of yesteryear refreshed for the modern era.

Heldens’ just-released Ooh La La track as HI-LO should’ve provided a window to what was coming. First up is Atlanta-based Niko the Kid’s Slip Away, a dub bassline-driven and shuffling two-step groove that is a gospel-inspired house vocal away from pure perfection. Jonas Aden and Robby East combine vibes akin to the near-trance of Underworld with label-boss Heldens’ popular bounce grooves for Fall Under Skies, and it’s a definite floor-filler.

Bojac’s Hookah takes the Funky Drummer break to the rave and the energy of the track is massive. Death Ray Shake’s I Can’t Stop closes out the release and has a nu disco vibe to it. The break sits in a pocket so deep that the warping groove rising out of it somehow both smothers the bassline and allows the melody and vocal sample to feel as though they’re being elevated out of the mix.

Purchase this well-executed quartet of tracks here.

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