Jan 06, 2014
Oliver Heldens Climbs High With ‘Gecko’
Oliver Heldens - Gecko (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]

At a time when EDM in general is becoming more and more diverse, it’s always great to see a genre following this trend while still staying true to its roots. Deep house is on fire right now, with the genre covering everything from the minimal and dark right through to the funky and upbeat. A prime example of the latter is currently pounding its way up the Beatport charts, and it’s the work of Dutch producer Oliver Heldens.

Gecko features the key to a track becoming successful–a simple-yet-very catchy riff, one that won’t leave your head for a while. As a result, it should work well in a club, but that’s not the only thing that will cause dancefloor chaos. The bass is deep, very deep, an almost inaudible hum on most headphones, but throw several thousand watts behind it, and most seismologists within a few hundred miles will have their work cut out for them. Much like the riff, the arrangement is pretty simple, and that’s what makes tracks like this stand out. Nothing grabs a crowd’s attention more than something they recognize, and as a result, Gecko should become very familiar over the coming months.

Out now on Musical Freedom, Gecko has potential to be very big indeed, so be one of the cool kids, and grab it while it’s still underground.

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