Jan 14, 2014
Oliver Heldens Reanimates ‘Animals’
Martin Garrix - Animals (Oliver Heldens Remix) [Spinnin]

Yeah, we hear your collective cries, and we would normally agree. Animals has been done to death–you can’t go down the street without hearing it, and even your granny is whistling it. Martin Garrix’ magnum opus was one of the biggest tracks of 2013 and now, it’s finally time to to put it to bed, right? Wrong.

Fellow Dutchman Oliver Heldens has come up with a remix that doesn’t just breathe new life into the track, but gives it a whole new identity. It’s a tricky one to explain, but simply put, this isn’t a case of sampling a riff and redesigning the beat. This is remixing done properly–it is Animals, but sort of isn’t. There are hints of the basic melody there–the main riff is melodically the same as the original, believe it or not–but it has hints of early ’90s acid house and a feel of modern electro house all rolled into one very innovative production. Like the original, it’s as catchy as hell and is bound to be massive regardless of the name.

It’s notoriously difficult to rework a megahit and get it right, but Oliver Heldens has managed it and once again proves he’s got what it takes to make it big. His remix is out now on Beatport.

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