Jan 31, 2014
Oil Drilling Threatens Ibiza Coastline

Over the past several days, Ibiza has become a hot topic in the EDM community, and not for the right reasons. Scottish oil and gas exploration company Cairn Energy are planning exploratory drilling in the Gulf Of Valencia, some of it just a few miles from the coast of Ibiza. The size and scope of the project, along with the expected reserves underneath the areas of the Mediterranean where drilling is taking place, could lead to major oil extraction across an area of over 1,500 square miles.

The news that the Spanish government has given the project its full support has, understandably, not gone down well on the island. Such major undersea activity, even during the initial testing phase of the project, could cause major damage to marine life. Once the project is in full flow, the potential for a major disaster could spell the end of Ibiza’s beautiful clear blue waters. Even without a major spill, such activity could irrecoverably alter the marine ecosystem.

While the utilization of remaining oil reserves is very important, given we live in a world that will one day run out of such resources, the brutal disregard for the lifeblood of Ibiza has caused a major protest movement on the island. Alianza Mar Blava–The Mar Blava Alliance–is a group of over 50 organizations on the island with one clear aim–to stop the project in its tracks. With ever-increasing support from across the world, you can join the cause by signing the official petition, or even just sharing the story across social media. Full details of how you can help are available via Ibiza Spotlight.

Photo copyright Ibiza Anti-Petrolífera

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