Jan 14, 2011
Oh, You'll Get To Know Them
Jillian Ann & Love & Light - Know Us (Shock-N Remix) [Simplify]
Jillian Ann & Love & Light - Know Us (Original Mix) [Simplify]
Jillian Ann & Love & Light - Know Us (NiT GriT Remix) [Simplify]

And now for some glitch hop dubsteppy goodness! Musician, model, artist, singer, and muse Jillian Ann and Love & Light have produced a new track called Know Us, an emotionally heavy, slightly Evanescence-goes-EDM piece of music that will most definitely stick out in your mind after you hear it. This song demonstrates how EDM is ever-expanding and how genres are being mashed up all over the place these days to create great new music.

As expected, the original was also remixed extensively, with a few in particular being quite noteworthy. There are two definite “don’t miss it” versions on here, the first of which comes courtesy of our bay area master of melodic sick dubstep, NiT GriT. His version takes the track in a bit of a different direction, giving it an entrancingly dark’n’groovy dubsteppy feel.

The next essential remix is by Shock-N, an unfamiliar name that will not remain unfamiliar much longer as we all run to discover more of this artist’s work. Essentially Know Us gets an almost Skrillex-meets-Skream makeover that is quite the jaw-dropper. This remix gives and gives, changing things up almost every single bar very deep into the track.

Oh, and PS: it’s gonna be a ton of fun checking out how many people click the artist link above. Mwahaha. It’s not every day models are making EDM, so I definitely don’t blame you. Imagine how much fun it was looking for a picture for this post… <3

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