Aug 22, 2010
Oh, She's On A Mission
Katy B - Katy On A Mission (Original Mix) [Rinse]

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. Kid Alien’s post on U Don’t Like Me heralded one of the first major signs of the rap and hip hop immigration into EDM territory. Lil Jon’s emergence onto the scene serves as a strong indicator of the direction of the genre and the industry in the future. Now, I have the esteemed pleasure of introducing what will be marked as a true instance of a pop crossover to EDM land. Katy B met Benga, they made a banga, and we all lived happily eva afta. That’s the story of today’s post.

Produced by Benga, one of the most talented and well-regarded dubstep artists in recent years, Katy On A Mission is just about the best possible way that this marriage of genres could have been consummated. Benga lays down a beautiful, chilled out, happily wobbling beat that is deep and emotional, but energetic enough to get you rockin’ out no matter what mood you’re in. Representing the pop side of things, Katy’s vocals are some of the catchiest vocals I’ve heard over dubstep–I’m having a hard time getting them out of my head lately. She vibes perfectly with the music and keeps you perfectly in step with her as she gently guides you through the experience. In fact, every element seems like it was meant to be placed exactly as it has been, together in the streaming feel-good sound that makes up this track’s soul.

Now let’s take a step back for a second, because I know that a description like that will surely leave many wondering why I described this track as something akin to the coming of the messiah. True dubstep fans will recognize the somewhat simplistic and generic dubstep beat and thus might be left wanting more. However, we must understand the significance of this track as the beginning of what we might call commercialized dubstep. I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say that this track will be played on pop music stations all over within a few weeks. To that end, I think we can deal with slightly flat vocals and a lack of wobbly sophistication for the advancement and proliferation of this genre into the international music scene. If this is an indicator of what is to come, then I suggest that we all strap in because we’re in for something very very serious. Prepare for the shelters, children. Audio atom bombs be droppin ’round us shortly.

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