Feb 22, 2015
ODESZA’s New Music Video Is ‘All We Need’

Seattle-based indie electronic outfit ODESZA’s music is so catchy it’s almost like a drug, and the new music video to their single All We Need proves it.

In the video, a pair of starstruck young lovers get high on more than just the group’s music, if you catch our drift. Unfortunately for our pair of would-be psychonauts, what comes up must come down, and when the stash is gone so is the music, and that’s no fun for anyone. It’s definitely one of the weirder videos we’ve come across, but then again, when does ODESZA ever play by anyone else’s rules?

Check out the full video down below and pick up All We Need on ODESZA’s 2014 album, In Return, on Beatport here.

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