Dec 30, 2010
Oceanic Submarines
Hiroyuki ODA - Submarine (Tomoyuki Sakakida Remix) [Otographic Music]
Hiroyuki ODA - Oceanus (Taishi Remix) [Otographic Music]

LessThan3 partner label Otographic Music has put out a remix album of Hiroyuki ODA’s latest work, Thirty, and I want to be the first to tell you: it’s very special. Many different artists on the label have contributed remixes, including LT3 favorite Nhato, KaNa (whom we recently interviewed), Shingo Nakamura, and many others. The whole album stands as a musical statement of excellence for the fairly young label, with a level of quality that is on par with many Anjunadeep and Anjunabeats releases. There are two remixes in particular that I feel are worth drawing special attention to, so let’s get right to it.

Tomoyuki Sakakida’s remix of Submarine immediately plants itself as a mellow contemplation of the stars above. Incorporating a very interesting synth somewhat reminiscent of bagpipes, this emotion-packed remix delivers confidently and calmly. 4:19 brings in a nice melody that is distinctively Eastern-inspired, providing a great vibe to carry the rest of the track. The bagpipes should have had more of a presence throughout the track in addition to the jazz flute, but it is still quite enjoyable till the very end.

The second must-hear track, Oceanus remixed by Taishi, starts off as an aquatic prog house ride up until about 1:30 when the “Lets Go” switch is turned up as electro sounds are introduced into the mix. The energetic bassline sets a strong foundation for the more spacey elements that are reintroduced leading toward 2:56, which is another thrust into a steamy and breathy exploration of the soundscape Taishi has created. From about the 5-minute mark Taishi introduces a new melody, beautifully adding an emotional layering that only intensifies as the track progresses. When you’re done, take a second to admire the musical journey that has been created in the span of this track.

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