Jun 21, 2011
The Face of Modern Techno
Objekt - CLK Recovery (Original Mix)
Objekt - Tinderbox (Original Mix)
Objekt - Unglued (Original Mix)

Objekt is the moniker of TJ Hertz, simultaneously one of the most elusive and most exciting new artists to emerge this year. He may have only released four tracks to date, but they have all been utterly gripping, from the fierce off-kilter techno of CLK Recovery to the thick, black menace of Tinderbox. With just these two EPs he has become one of the hottest commodities in bass music, supporting the likes of Loefah and Peverelist on the strength of his first EP alone.

TJ is an audio software developer by trade, and the benefits of all those days writing algorithms are evident in his music. Each track is exquisitely produced, every sound calculated and calibrated from the snares and kicks to the subtlest clink or rustle. He describes his music as “a convoluted mess of dubstep, 3-step… post minimal wankstep, shithouse, acid wonk…” and this rallying against nonsensical genre classification manifests itself in all sorts of weird time signatures and complex, encircling patterns. The latest EP features CLK Recovery, a slow-burning 2-stepper that transforms into a thudding techno behemoth as well as the rollicking Unglued, expansive yet punishing future garage that will appeal to fans of Untold and Pearson Sound.

Anyone salivating at the thought of more releases will not have to wait long. TJ recently revealed that as well as a pair of remixes on their way from originals by SBTRKT and Call Super, there are also two more solo 12”s scheduled for later this year; one is for new London label Man Make Music and, perhaps more intriguingly, one for bass royalty Hessle Audio. We can’t wait.

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