Dec 10, 2013
Now Available: John Digweed ‘Live In Argentina’ CD/DVD Package
John Digweed & Nick Muir vs Ian O'Donovan - Dawnbreaker (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
Carlo Lio & Harvey McKay - F-+k Jack (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
Slam - Eterna (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) [Bedrock]

A decorated veteran of the UK’s 20th century progressive house and techno crusades, John Digweed has more than two decades as a prevailing force among the underground music realm under his belt. Now armed with the release of his latest Live In Argentina compilation (available as of Dec. 9), the legendary Bedrock sovereign exhibits no signs of relinquishing the throne.

Recorded live from his recent Argentinian touring campaign back in September, the British virtuoso supplies a comprehensive four-disc bundle, encompassing five hours of explorative electronic selections straight from the mixer. The massive release denotes the fourth installment of Digweed’s acclaimed Live In… series, which has previously documented his benchmark performances in Cordoba, London, and Slovenia.

Digweed Live In Argentina

If you weren’t in attendance for the Bedrocker’s awe-inspiring 12-hour conquests in Buenos Aires and Rosario, do not despair–the Live In Argentina package features extensive musical excerpts from each of the sets (over 50 tracks in both mixed and unmixed format), supplemented by 40 minutes of exclusive film footage. Embedded within the bonus material, the progressive mastermind also provides insightful commentaries and interviews pertaining to his former South American ventures.

Widely commended for his multifarious track assemblages, Digweed yet again delves deep within his voluminous catalog, as evidenced by the diversified auditory content included among all four discs. Throughout the pair of gigs from which the compilation was extracted, he surveys a wide range of musical facets, from Carlo Lio’s twisted techno to Deetron’s experimental electronica.

2013 has already signified a pivotal milestone for the seasoned DJ/producer with regard to October’s groundbreaking Versus compilation–a collaborative project involving the industry’s leading figures. As Digweed continues to showcase his unprecedented capabilities both in the studio and behind the controls, he only reaffirms his revered status.

Bedrock aficionados: act quickly! The limited edition Live In Argentina slipcase version (signed by Diggers himself) is available exclusively at the Bedrock online store. Check out the entire digital release here on Beatport.

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