Jan 16, 2011
Not Your Daddy's Tetris
Electrixx - Tetris (Original Mix) [EXX]
Potter & Neelix - Good Evening (Electrixx Remix) [Blue Tunes]

We all remember that catchy song from Tetris way back in the day–and scrounging online for techno remixes in middle school. Well, here’s one that’s actually worth mentioning. The remixers are a duo known as Electrixx, and they’ve been getting a lot of attention in the past couple of years, particularly from Tiesto. Tetris has been supported by him and many other DJs alike and has even made its mark on Beatport, showing up in their top ten electro tracks. It’s a fun little remix that is sure to turn some heads if dropped at any party. I’m also throwing in their newest track, a remix of Good Evening by Potter & Neelix. As far as electro tracks goes, it’s just about as crazy as you can get. Sharp buildups and well-made breakdowns are the highlight of this track–as are the intermittent breaks that lead into some interesting vocal samples.

Electrixx also has quite an interesting gimmick on stage: they DJ on two giant LCD screens (see video below). I’ve never actually seen these used live, only in demo videos and such. The fact that they’re using these at a festival–be it gimmick or not–really goes to show how innovative technology is getting in the live setting.

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