Nov 08, 2011
Not Soon To Be Forgotten
Joe Garston - Forget About It (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
Joe Garston - Quickscope (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]

Out of Liverpool comes Joe Garston. Not much else is known about the bloke as his SoundCloud profile simply reads “Hey, I’m Joe, I’m 20 From Liverpool UK!” Two other minor tidbits you might care to hear are that the young producer has pretty much launched his career on the impenetrably awesome Plasmapool records and that his tunes are not only worthy of a label that renowned, but set themselves apart in a big way from the rest of today’s electro stars.

His third EP showcases two tunes from Mr. Garston. First off is Forget About It. This song hits you hard and fast with an absolutely stellar kickdrum pattern all the way up to the first breakdown. The electro beat that follows is not just heavy and built for the big room; it also effectively and uniquely includes silence and empty space as part of the complextro formula. This track continues into a big room-house breakdown which drops into a ripping dubstep rework toward the end. The second track off the release is Quickscope, a tune that takes its grinding bass a little more seriously. That’s not to say there isn’t a lighter, uplifting aspect to the song; there is (and it’s awesome). What sets this electro tune apart from others, though, is the head-rocking bass that surges throughout.

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