Apr 07, 2012
Not A Lone
Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991 (Original Mix) [R&S]
Lone - Vulcan Mill Acid (Original Mix) [R&S]

Matt Cutler, known in the EDM community as Lone, has a highly individualistic production style. Hailing from Nottingham, his sound is an amalgamation of soft elements like strings and pads, coupled with furious and frenzied components like sixteenth note percussion and chord stabs. Above all, Lone’s style is profoundly musical, with a fundamental appeal that’s accessible to fans of any genre of music. He is a gifted musician first, and an excellent producer second. His latest work is a ramped-up, yet elegantly crafted EP from R&S Records named Crystal Caverns 1991.

The EP’s title track is a hard-stepping, breaks-heavy piece that is brimming with washy pads and meticulous rhythmic devices. As soon as the tune starts, the drum programming is noticeably atypical, with a snare that’s slightly befuddling. Miraculously, this obtuse cadence suddenly develops into a cohesive rhythm when the feverishly paced claps and shakers are introduced via an alternating pan effect. Soon, the track’s sub-bassline debuts and transforms Crystal Caverns 1991 into a high-octane, hand-in-the-air stormer. The second tune on the EP is Vulcan Mill Acid, properly named for the acid house vibes present. The percussive synth elements play the lead role here, with a filter-modulated rhythmic synth that sounds interestingly aqueous.

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