Jan 09, 2011
Norway's 16-Year Wonder
Coucheron - Speed Me Up (Original Mix)
Pendulum - The Island (Coucheron Remix)
Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches (Coucheron Remix)

Recently, Kid Alien alluded to the increasingly young age that producers are coming forward in EDM. Today I’d like to introduce the talented Coucheron, a young’n from Norway who at sixteen years of age has already grabbed my attention as someone to watch in 2011. He brings to the table a very musical and unique electro-dubsteppy sound that reminds me in some ways of Skrillex. What I first heard from the young producer is the first track on this post, called Speed Me Up. I hope you’ll join me in the shock that the track was produced using FL Studio. Wow. It’s got an absolutely killer pump-up feel that is going to be a surefire hit in any for-the-gym mix.

Next up is a remix of Pendulum’s The Island. Now I preface my discussion of this remix by saying that I hold the original very dear to my heart as one of the best tracks of 2010 and perhaps of all time. Many remixes have come and gone, and few have gotten my attention. It seems to me that Coucheron’s approach on his remix must have come after a careful analysis of what it is that makes The Island what it is. The core of the track–including the excellent vocal–has been left intact, but improvements have been made in other areas to mark this remix as his own.

We’ll conclude with one of his newest remixes, this time of Bloc Party’s Hunting For Witches. What begins as a poppy vocal track quickly turns into a dope electro witch hunt with a touch of wob for good measure. Altogether nicely done and a fresh remix of a three year-old track. Great things from this young sure-to-be-star. We’ll be keeping our eyes on him–that’s for sure.