Apr 14, 2011
Non-Alcoholic Intoxication
MiM0SA - 58 Degrees
MiM0SA - Get 'Em [Muti]

Popular alcoholic drink the “mimosa” takes its name from a bright tropical flower; if this very same flower produced dubstep, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sounded a lot like DJ Mimosa himself. A lot of current dubstep is very balls to the wall; a captivating melody here, a bassy drop there. A lot of west coast dubstep, however, is moving in a very different direction, and Mimosa is one of the driving pioneers in the dubstep subgenre of downtempo production. His beats are ideally suited for hardcore dancefloor bumping and grinding, something you tend to see less of at most electronic shows.

I recently had the chance to see Mimosa perform in Syracuse, New York at the Westcott Theater. The show was small, and there was a lot of free space in the venue. Mimosa came out on the stage and said, “alright, everyone bring it in up front–we’re gonna do this right!” He dropped his first track, and the dancefloor lit up with a crazy energy that I’ve only seen a few DJs bring to the floor in my day. His song selection included hits from his older productions as well as several shiny new tracks off of his brand new EP, 58 Degrees. Some time into the show, some of his equipment fell off the stage, but the music kept playing. Mimosa yelled, “It’s a miracle that my music is still playing right now! Do you guys want to hear something funky or something crazy?” It didn’t matter that we all cheered for “something crazy.” The track he dropped was both, and it was awesome.

Mimosa is a driving force in the LA dubstep scene, and his musical stylings only show more promise with each new release. Since I first heard his material, I knew this DJ really had something unique going for him. His style is unmistakable; you could listen to a track off of Hostilis, his first professional release, and then one off of 58 Degrees, and see the development he’s made in his production without sacrificing the raw energy behind his music. Check out title track 58 Degrees off of Mimosa’s new EP for some serious baby-making music, and then wash that down with Get ‘Em, a favorite track of mine off of Hostilis, just so you can see where he’s coming from. If you like what you hear, you can get your free copy of 58 Degrees here.

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