Nov 19, 2014
NoMBe Debuts With ‘Change of Hearts’
NoMBe feat. Winslow Bright - Change of Hearts
NoMBe - Waves
NoMBe - Seminole
NoMBe - Vowels
NoMBe feat. Durqa - AtoZ

Nowadays, every music snob (myself included) seems to be complaining about a lack of variety in the scene, a tendency to latch on to whatever’s “in” at the moment and forfeit a genuine a sense of originality. Consequently, when you come across an artist who strays from that path, you feel an overwhelming impulse to make it known. Well, I definitely felt that impulse with Los Angeles-based producer NoMBe.

Although it’s quite difficult to categorize his sound, it’s best described as a experimental hip hop, psychedelic electronic, and smooth soul–all in one. Change Of Hearts is NoMBe’s debut record, and it boasts five awe-inspiring, positively-deviant tracks, each completely distinguished from the next.

The title song, Change of Hearts, launches the album on a pleasantly soft note, featuring mesmerizing vocals from both NoMBe and Brooklyn’s Winslow Bright. Each offers a captivating story until they come together in beautiful harmony at 3:09.

Waves takes on a much darker essence, opening with eerie chimes and dialogue between an obedient, robot-like woman and her man. The rest of the track is driven by simple yet incredibly compelling instrumentals and smooth, downtempo vocals.

Next, Seminole showcases NoMBe’s bossy lyrical skills, while Vowels reverts back to a tranquil sensuality that’s perfect for a night in with your special someone.

AtoZ appropriately concludes the EP by straying completely from the previous tracks, with a sparse deep house undertone and an upbeat melody that will leave listeners wondering… “what’s next?!”

After listening to Change of Hearts in its entirety, it becomes clear that NoMBe has a bright career ahead of him. Purchase his debut EP here, and definitely keep your eye on the young producer in the future.

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