Sep 28, 2010
Nocturnal 2010 Wrap-Up

Nocturnal 2010 was an action-packed festival, drawing talent from almost every genre of EDM. Boasting six (six!) massive stages which were a mixture of ginormous tents and huge-room type stages, there was more than enough to do and see at the event. We at LessThan3 were definitely impressed on all fronts, but there were a few truly standout moments and a bunch of sets that deserve to be highlighted here. So let’s begin…

This time around it’s particularly tough to decide on a “best of show.” Easily one of the best performances of the night was from none other than the Bingo Players, who Melodicity covered recently on the site. No single production of theirs can really provide a sense of what their live set was like that night, though. Friends, this was one banging, non-stop electro house/house bonanza. Not a single song was overplayed and some seriously heavy hitters were dropped, including one of the best remixes of Daft Punk’s One More Time I have heard. Now obviously we all know that track is always a crowd pleaser, but this remix was a crowd exploder. Don’t believe me? Check this video out. My hats off to these guys, wow.

One man, a Mr. 12th Planet, clearly knew what he was about to unleash on the crowd before he delivered one of the most bass-filled sets I’ve ever seen. I say that because of the immense smile he carried on his face as he proceeded to bombard the constituency of that stage exactly how he had planned. As LessThan3 member Trifecta described it: “it was like drowning in a sea of bass and heavy wobbling.” That’s no exaggeration–you literally had to consciously focus to catch your breath. Reading the crowd perfectly, he delivered exactly what they wanted, dropping bombs like his remix of Hold On by Rusko and Machine Gun by Noisia. Seeing this guy work on the decks was like something out of some sci-fi flick, as a raging war erupted as 12th Planet fought to deliver the unthinkable, face-melting madness that had everyone looking like they were about to tear their own heads off. Holy crap.

Another notable highlight of the evening was Menno de Jong, who brought a tremendous amount of energy to his set that had the crowd dancing around and pumping their fists. The last time I saw him was at ASOT 450 in New York where he played an engaging set, but this time he was just something else as he stood up on the decks and cheered the crowd on as they in turn cheered him on. A beautiful sight.

Steve Angello, as expected, delivered a very solid set–the man is extremely consistent with his quality of mixing. At one point a ton of streamers and confetti were released into the crowd which definitely made for some good fun. So if you’re wondering what kind of set he put on, well… think of a few tracks that you think he would have played. Yep, that’s exactly what it was like. Now it just so happens that the LessThan3 team follows the Swedish House Mafia’s every move since we’re serious fans over here, and it’s only fair that he gets to play the smashing hit tracks that he has helped produce, I just wish I hadn’t heard them so many times already the same day. Minor complaint, though. I should also mention that if you are planning on going to Nocturnal next year and have a little extra cash in your possession, do yourself a favor and buy a cabana. Easily the best seats in the house, giving you and your party a spectacular view that you will never forget.

Many other DJs rocked the house, including some LessThan3 favorites like Dada Life, DJ Dan, LA Riots, and the Plump DJs. Their sets were each clean, action-packed, and well-assembled to show off their skills. On the trance side of things, Markus Schulz was definitely on his game that night as was Ferry Corsten. Both were ready to play new tunes as well as old, leading the crowd into sweet annihilation.

Last but not least, Skream and Benga played a set together in collaboration. Quite sadly for us, we missed the dubstep duo. Word on the street is that it was one of the most impressive dubstep live sets of all time. Damn. I suggest checking into YouTube for some videos if you get a chance. So why did we miss it? We were busy interviewing Simon Patterson and the Plump DJs! Interviews (with audio!) will be up in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.