Sep 02, 2013
No Saint Out Of Orjan Nilsen
Orjan Nilsen feat. Senadee - Hands (Album Mix) [Armada]
Orjan Nilsen - Untouchable (Album Mix) [Armada]
Orjan Nilsen - You Will Never Be (Album Mix) [Armada]

Norwegian producer Orjan Nilsen has firmly established himself as one of the finer talents in the EDM scene. A firm favourite of the Armada stable, the key to his success is not just his ability to produce some belting tunes, but also his consistency–this is a guy who doesn’t do “filler”. Evidence of this is provided in his much anticipated sophomore artist album No Saint Out Of Me.

There’s a nice mix of different styles going on here–it’s almost a showcase for what Orjan has to offer. From the belting uplifter Violetta to the electro-8-bit-anthem Xiing, there’s a reminder that we’re dealing with a guy who knows how to write a solid melody. But then there’s the diverse range of vocal tracks, all of which have a distinctly different style. Opening track Hands features Senadee and is a progressive big-room anthem that could easily burst into the mainstream, Saint Out Of Me features Natalie Peris with a vocal and a build that has a hint of ’90s dance anthem about it, and Christina Novelli provides another stunning performance in Hurricane.

There’s also a real and genuine feeling throughout No Saint that Orjan has sat down and experimented with his production and songwriting. It’s evident from tracks such as This Tractor and the subtly-named Knob Twister that we’re listening to a guy having fun in his own studio, making music he likes, rather than music he thinks other people will like. This process also kicks out some beautiful instrumentals, from Untouchable to the album closer You’ll Never Be, both having more than a hint of classic trance about them, the latter complete with that Binary Finary style choir-sound.

No Saint Out Of Me affirms Orjan Nilsen’s place as one of the true leaders of the trance scene. Out now on Armada Music, you’d be very wise to bet on Orjan quickly progressing right to the top of the EDM tree.

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