Feb 18, 2013
No One Is Gonna Break Skibadee
Skibadee feat. Lily McKenzie - Never Gonna Break (Extended Mix) [Viper]
Skibadee feat. Lily McKenzie - Never Gonna Break (Specimen A Remix) [Viper]
Skibadee feat. Lily McKenzie - Never Gonna Break (Sub Zero Remix) [Viper]

“Deal with the matter!”–the familiar phrase popularized by veteran UK MC and frequent drum & bass host Skibadee. The internationally-known lyricist has just released a massive tune on Viper Recordings called Never Gonna Break, and it’s already getting rotation from DJ Hype, Sigma, and ShockOne, to name a few. The tune is produced by Jordan Crisp, a long-time collaborator of Skiba and the man behind the musical composition for the popular UK movie Streetdance 3D. Jordan brings a heavy dose of uplifting melodies and frantic breaks to the track, while talented London songstress Lily McKenzie delivers an ample serving of soulful vocals.

The original mix of Never Gonna Break is accompanied by three slamming remixes, all epic in their own right. Specimen A’s dubstep remix keeps most of Lily McKenzie’s lyrics but adds some seriously aggressive synth modulation, producing all manners of rhythmic wubs. Jordan Crisp’s original mix is about as big-room as d&b comes, showcasing a bubbling lead synth and a blazing vocal track courtesy of Skibadee. For a nastier take on Never Gonna Break, Playaz artist Sub Zero takes a drumstep approach with his remix, implementing a growling melody and some face-smacking percussion. Head over to Beatport to pick up a copy and check out the rest of the mixes of Never Gonna Break.

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