Jul 05, 2011
No, Not That Other Guy
ill.Gates feat Ana Sia - Gene Splice (Original Mix)
ill.Gates feat Freedom Danish - My Special Place (Original Mix)
ill.Gates feat Mycho Pan Cho Cho - Spread Ego (Original Mix)

Ill.Gates may not be the richest man in the world, but he’s certainly the illest. His extravagant glitch hop jams will make apt backdrops for summer parties around the globe. At a glance, new EP Schmunday School is good. Upon deeper inspection, it’s a truly awesome release. The percussion is right on and the bass is all over the place, and ill.Gates’ flow is just really freaking cool.

Jumping right into highlights, you have to check out Gene Splice. Featuring the talents of Ana Sia, Gene Splice is pleasing to the ears like fresh cornbread to the soul. The buildups, breakdowns, and transitions piece together nicely and come in at just the right time with execution both glitchy and refined. Though the entirety of Schmunday School is smooth like butter, the other track I want to expose you to is a different pace from the first, but not lacking those same creative elements that make ill.Gates awesome to listen to. The track in question is My Special Place. Its jovial vibes and bouncy undertones will whisk you to the dancefloor, just so the third track, Spread Ego, can break you down til nothing but your ID remains. My overall opinion? Ill.Gates deserves the name.

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